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Seera – One of the traditional & famous dishes

Apart from natural beauty, the Dev Bhoomi has something more to offer and if one is foodie then the cuisines of Himachal Pradesh will surely tempt them. When it comes to the sweet dishes, there can be numerous which comes into consideration. Seera is one such traditional and famous dish.

It takes some time to taste this delicious dish made up of wheat grains. Today we would like to give some idea, how one can prepare and taste this delicious dish with their family members or friends.

What is Seera actually?

  • Soak the wheat grain in water for approximately one week. To avoid the off-flavor, change the water regularly.
  • After one week, ground the soaked grain properly, add water and strained the grain till it leave white colored fluid.
  • Once you have all the white fluid with you, put it in a muslin cloth and tie it tightly in hanging position to get the semi solid material back.
  • Dry this semi-liquid material under sunlight in small pieces till they get solid.

This solid material is actually known as Seera.


Whenever you have followed the previous steps and have this solid white material with you and want to proceed further to taste this delicious sweet dish. You can follow the following steps:

Step 1: Dissolve some Seera and sugar (as per taste) in water and dissolve it until it gets the better flowing consistency.
Step 2: Once you are done with this, add some ghee to a pan and let it heat for 2 minutes.
Step 3: Add the material (that you have prepared after dissolving Seera and sugar in water) and whisk it continuously till it gets light brown in color.

Once it gets light brown, you’ll have your delicious dish with you which you can have with your friends or family during breakfast, lunch or dinner. Moreover, Seera is also a source of nutrition and calories.

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