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Some crazy and funny things to know about Himachalis and Himachal

In India there are a number of states and every state has own specialties. So here are some crazy things about Himachalis and Himachal which you will definitely love.


Starting from the language, it seems very funny when you hear the translation of an English sentence in Himachali language. There are many funny word which you’ll love to hear when two Himachalis communicate. The few words are like, ara (friend), ala(Ok), bhau (brother), Kya krada (What are u doing), bhatt (rice), mata bhari (A lot of), etc.


The other crazy thing that most of the people love about Himachali is the way they celebrate every function at their home. There are many types of functions like Jagg (small function like a party), shraadh, birthdays, etc. Some of these functions are celebrated for some sort of happiness while some of them are celebrated because of their tradition. The most stunning thing about their function is their painth (everyone sits in a line and enjoy the food on natural plate made up of leaves also known as pattlu). Dham is cooked only by the botis. The dham includes aromatic rice, fried pulses or dal, spicy vegetable curry of red kidney beans, khatta (maani), mithha (sweet dish), and many more.

Their Food & Dressing

The other crazy thing about Himachali is their food and dressing sense which people from upper Himachal follow. In the lower part of the Himachal like Hamirpur, Kangra, Bilaspur, Mandi and Solan people love the western style clothes while in the upper region like Shimla, Kinnaur, Sirmour, Chamba, Kullu, Manali and Lahaul Spiti people love Himachali clothes which is a coat made up of wool and a cap which has colours either green or red. Just like Punjab Sarson ka saag is very popular in Himachal, but including this people love kadhi, patrode, aenklu, babru, chareliyan, and many more.

These are the few crazy things which we love the most, and if you love any other things except this please don’t forget to comment them below. We would appreciate your help. If you are not a Himachali and want to experience these crazy things about Himachal, don’t forget to visit here.