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Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh : It’s Traditional Cuisine And Rich Culture

Who wouldn’t crave to visit Himachal Pradesh, known for its scenic mountain towns? Hamirpur is one such town, a one-stop destination for cherishing ancient temples, forts, and shrines. Situated near the river Beas, it is a nature lover’s paradise and a never-ending adventure for travel freaks. And if you’re looking for cultural insights in Himachal, Hamirpur is the place to be during Holi. The pleasant weather, as well as the excitement of the fair and festival, are already waiting for you to lose yourself in the fiver of the celebration.

Famous Traditional Cuisines

Being situated in the lower Himalayas, a variety of food crops are grown, resulting in a diverse cuisine in terms of taste and nutrition.

Babroo is a cuisine made with superior wheat flour that has been fermented before being fried in a greased tawa. Dhandar is a meal made from the same ingredients but with the addition of sugar. When wheat flour is used for rice flour in this recipe, it is referred to as Chareli. This barter also results in Patende.

Mithdoo is another must-try dish when visiting Hamirpur. It’s a famous sweet dish made of wheat flour, sugar, grated coconut, ghee, aniseeds, and water, which is kneaded and formed into dough. They’re fried after being chopped into spherical shapes.

Sheera is a sweet cereal-based meal that is popular at gatherings, festivals, and special occasions. By storing them in an airtight container, they can be used all year.

Pahari madra is made using chickpeas, kidney beans, black eyed beans, cardamom, aniseed, cinnamon, bay leaf, yoghurt, and ghee, among other ingredients.

Mah ki dal ke pakode is one another cuisine made from black gramme dal that has been dehusked and soaked. Also, Badi and Sepubadi are two other must-try legumes receipes.

Jhol, Khadi, khoru, Rehdu are some other amazing dishes you must have in Hamirpur. Whereas, Lasiareh ki sabji, Bhruni ki sabji are some other delicious local cuisines.

Next must have dish is Patrode, and gharyali bhuji. When it comes to non-vegetarian dishes, fish and meat are also on the list.


Aside from the predominant western pahari, the majority of the people in Hamirpur speak Hindi. In some areas of the district, Punjabi is also spoken.

Ideal Time To Visit

Winter is said to be the best time to visit Hamirpur. The weather is ideal for adventure and sightseeing. The best time to visit is from October to March, when you’ll need woollen clothing. Summers are excruciatingly hot and humid. The district’s climate is similar to that of hill stations.

Culture & Tradition

Hamirpur has a rich cultural heritage. It is steeped in spirituality, attracting temple devotees from all over the world. Its traditions and cultures are influenced by folk literature and are said to have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. Hamirpur’s way of life is described as simple yet vibrant.

The local dance form and songs are how events, festivals, weddings, and fairs are celebrated in the area. Gidha is a popular folk dance for women, whereas chanderwali is a male-only dance form. Jetras are female folk songs, whereas jheras are male folk songs. The celebration is accompanied by tabla, flute, dholak, shehnai, dumroo, nagara, thali, dafli, and other instruments.

Hamirpur is known for its brilliant and colourful fairs, some of which are also conducted by the government. The Hamir-Utsav and Holi fairs are well-known.

Traditional Costume

Local women wear the Pattoo, a traditional clothing that is thicker and heavier than a shawl and brighter in colour. The head was covered with dhatu or tippu. Hamirpur shawls are well-known for their beautiful needlework and motifs. Women like light jewellery in everyday life, while silver and gold ornaments are popular for festivals and special occasions.


This beautiful Himachal district has a lot more for you to uncover. Stop thinking and plan a trip to Hamirpur this fall in 2021.