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Narbadeshwar Temple Sujanpur, Hamirpur

The wife of Maharaja Sansar Chand, named Maharani Prasanni Devi built the temple 200 years ago in the Bhitti style of architecture. The temple is famous for paintings. The subjects are mostly taken from the love of Shiva-Parvati and Radha-Krisna. The temple is built in an open yard ‘Panchayatan style’ and scenes from Ramayana and Mahabharat are depicted in the frescoes.


The paintings in this historical temple are different from the temple situated nearby and Shiva’s legends are painted on the walls with significant skills. The invasion of Rama’s army in Sri Lanka can also be seen in the temple. On a nearby hill at Tira is a temple dedicated to Chamunda Devi that still attracts a large number of devotees. Some of the temples which are in Sujanput Tihra, may have been built over again, but the Narbadeshwar temple survived the seismic shocks.