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Some crazy and funny things to know about Himachalis and Himachal

In India there are a number of states and every state has own specialties. So here are some crazy things about Himachalis and Himachal which

Baba Balakrupi temple – A place with the natural and spiritual beauty

About temple: When we talk about Himachal, every individual thinks of spirituality and the natural beauty. One such place full with the spirituality and natural beauty

Himachali Recipes

Seera – One of the traditional & famous dishes

Apart from natural beauty, the Dev Bhoomi has something more to offer and if one is foodie then the cuisines of Himachal Pradesh will surely


My Beautiful Life: Actress Yami Gautam who wooed a million hearts (interview)

Let's talk about your childhood? I was born in Bilaspur in Himachal Pradesh as my parents are both pandits from there. But I was brought up